Princenhaeghe: quick, know-how, service-minded!

Princenhaeghe is a Dutch Intermediary Company that works especially for In-Pats and for Ex-Pats. Princenhaeghe fills in the gap that In-Pats feel between them and the Insurance Companies and Banks. After closing a deal most In-Pats experience poor service from Insurance Companies and Banks where as Princenhaeghe continues to fulfil her role as intermediary and Knowledge Centre. Instead of keeping rigid business hours, the people of Princenhaeghe can also visit you at home and, if you want, in the evening. We take the time to learn about your wishes and to answer your questions. Princenhaeghe can provide insurance product and mortgages from almost every Insurance Company and Bank working in The Netherlands.

Your private insurance in The Netherlands

Princenhaeghe offers you (but also your housemates) several discounts and benefits for your own private insurance. Princenhaeghe can offer lower premiums and better terms through the realisation of collective insurance covers. On top of that we offer you the ease of having the same contact person every time. Whether it concerns claims or general insurance questions. The arrangements we have for you are:

  • Health insurance including dentist costs coverage;
  • Car insurance for all the personnel and their partners; premium discount and better terms.
  • Private insurance: discount on movable/ houses/ liability insurance for private persons;
  • Claims-handling for all the insurance that Princenhaeghe is intermediary for;


The staff of Princenhaeghe can help you in a few languages. We speak and write in English, in French, in German and, of course, in Dutch. No need to be afraid that you have to find your way through a Dutch spoken voice-computer on reporting a claim! Princenhaeghe will help you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!


The Dutch market for mortgage is a market that is based upon standard profiles from Banks. No wonder that most Banks won’t offer you a good deal if you want to buy a house. A lot of In-Pats don’t fit in a standard profile:

  • They don’t pay income-tax
  • They have contract periods of 3 years instead of a contract for an indefinite time
  • They have a pension scheme that they can take with them if they stop working for the present employer
  • They don’t have the Dutch Nationality
  • Their Nationality is from outside the European Community
  • They could be asked to work in another country on very short notice!

Banks can offer their clients product made for “standard situations”. And yours isn’t!

Mortgage arrangement for In-Pats

Princenhaeghe has several arrangements for you:

  • Mortgages up to more than 100 % of the value of the house you want to buy
  • Interest discounts
  • discount on the costs of the real-estate agent
  • discount on the costs of the Notary
  • discounts on the costs of the adjuster

Interested? Please contact us and we will come to you. We can visit you either at your office or at your house. We also work evenings.